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Why Choose AMSIG?

Leader in the Field

American Signal Company remains the “customer’s first choice” in the traffic industry through innovative design that allows the customer access to both operate and maintain our products without requiring outside involvement.  Each unit comes with simple to understand manuals and an overall architecture that is common throughout the suite of products.  The customer can purchase multiple product sizes with confidence that the overall design remains similar.

American Signal had advanced the industry in numerous ways that have increased the usable life of the products.  These include sign efficiency, brightness, sign case design, high heat testing, charging efficiency, and a full steel design.

Our Warranty program includes multiple options and  a  “Customer First” pledge to help get signs up and running through world class support.  Numerous repeat customers state this is the main reason they come back to Amsig.

Financial Options

Amsig understands there is no “one-size-fits-all” finance plan. That’s why we offer an array of choices to help you find the solution that best suits your organization’s needs! You can save on the bottom line by taking advantage of COD discounts (when applicable), maintain a “best practices” account with Amsig credit approval, free up cash flow with long-term financing, or leverage YOUR customer’s buying power with a Joint Check Agreement – particularly useful for new businesses on the rise.

Contact our Sales Department for more information on available COD discounts and our Joint Check Agreement policy.

If you prefer a standard Net 30 arrangement and are a new Amsig customer, please contact us and let us know how we can help further.


Amsig understands the security of your equipment is vital to your business and mission. That is why all of our trailers’ cabinets are lockable, why all of our signs come with passwords, and why we do not publish those default passwords on our website. We offer many additional security features such as removable terminals, hidden clasp locks, locking lug nuts, tamper alarms, and GPS.

The number one security measure you can take to protect your signs from “hacking” is to change the default passwords.  The Center for Internet Security recommends strong, complex passwords. Amsig message signs have multiple levels of access, and the ability to have multiple accounts for each level of access. Creating unique passwords will provide you the greatest “first line of defense” after physical security of your cabinets.

The next most important step in securing your Amsig signs is protecting them from “remote hacks,” which can involve harmful message displays, or malicious cellular activity. Amsig’s secure VPN removes the need to acquire a public static IP address from your cellular carrier in order to operate your signs remotely, which means someone with ill intent will not be able to find your devices quickly or easily. This affordable security solution comes with access to our ITS Cloud Manager software. Contact us today to learn more about Amsig’s VPN and ITS Cloud Manager.

Continuity of Service

American Signal Company’s WebbExpress firmware (WX) has set the industry benchmark for ease-of-use, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and NTCIP compliance. Since WX has become our standard message sign firmware our partners have noticed a significant savings in time and money that was once dedicated to sign operations and maintenance.

Have you acquired Amsig signs manufactured since 2012? They likely uses WX, which allows for OTA updates and the greatest level of NTCIP compliance in the portable message sign industry.

Do you have older Amsig signs? They can likely be upgraded to the WX firmware with a small and simple hardware kit. You can achieve NTCIP communication compatibility and the same operator benefits of our latest model signs with a WX upgrade. Contact our Service Department today for more information!

Would you like to learn more about WX, NTCIP, or the upgrade process? Check out why you should upgrade to WX, or contact us to let us know how we can serve you!

What’s New?

  • Large initial project cost reduction – just pennies per route
    poll during active use.
  • Ability to save time in setup and active adjusting roadway
    management ITS/SWZ Applications – able to adjust in real time.
  • Sustainable solution – creates smarter PCMS System without
    sensor costs.
  • Can be used for traffic management, congestion easing,
    driver influencing, ITS/Smart Work Zone.
  • Worker Safety increase due to less handling of traffic assets

Using leading edge radar sensor technology, AMSIG Que Detection devices report traffic information via Private Cellular Network.

  • AMSIG Que Detection Information can be disseminated and calculated at any timeframe.
  • AMSIG Que Detection reports traffic information to Cloud Network with instant algorithm calculation for messaging decisions.
  • Hardened solid steel hasp resists forcible attacks, defeats attempts to pry and cut
  • Hidden shacklep padlock features wide reinforced die cast body that withstands forcible attacks
  • Lock body conceals the shackle, defeating attempts to pry and cut
  • Virtually impossible to pick
  • Adjustable lengths available for any manufacturer
  • Optional locking mechanisms available upon request