Using leading edge radar sensor technology, AMSIG Que Detection devices report traffic information via Private Cellular Network.

  • AMSIG Que Detection Information can be disseminated and calculated at any timeframe.
  • Information can be downloaded and utilized for both real time traffic messaging adjustment via PCMS and traffic analysis for future road design.
    • Number of Lanes
    • Number of vehicles per lane and totals
    • Vehicle speeds per lane
  • Cloud Network algorithm sends messaging instructions to PCMS
    Message signs. PCMS Messages change automatically based off of traffic conditions including

    • Traffic Backups
    • Accidents
    • Areas where Work Zone Conditions change frequently as required for project
  • Infinitely scalable for both concentrated areas and longer roadway construction needs.
  • AMSIG Que Detection reports traffic information to Cloud Network with
    instant algorithm calculation for messaging decisions.
  • PCMS Messaging can also be updated/revised/removed remotely on demand during live use as often as required to manage any traffic or work zone condition or change…. Without in-field sign reprogramming.
  • Multiple signs can receive the same information from Que Detection
    devices, yet still display individually unique messaging appropriate for their location of deployment. This allows user to inform motorists useful information on a number of conditions – including trip time, average speeds, traffic warnings, road safety information, and any other useful messaging.
  • Que Detection system capable of multiple roadway and lane configuration detection.