A regular maintenance check of battery health and service serves to minimize the frequency of emergency maintenance events on the sign. American Signal Company recommends that when the sign is retrieved that the sign is serviced in a well-lit and well-ventilated area at a temperature between 60⁰F and 80⁰F. Before continuing any service, please use proper PPE for battery maintenance including acid resistant rubber gloves, apron, and safety glasses.

  • Disconnect the battery pack from the sign using the battery switch.
  • Clean the top of each battery with a mildly alkaline solution. Baking soda or soda ash mixed with water are preferred.
  • Remove any residue with clean water.
  • Ensure terminals are clean and that all terminal nuts are tightened to 100 in-lbs.
  • Open the battery caps and ensure that the plates are submerged in acid. If the plates are not submerged add distilled water only until the plates are covered. Additional filling can result in the batteries boiling over during equalization.
  • Close the battery caps.
  • Charge the battery to full capacity.
  • Open the caps on the battery.
  • Add distilled water until the electrolyte level is ~1/4” from the bottom of the vent well. Over filling can result in the batteries boiling over during equalization.
  • Close the battery caps.
  • If any water was added or it has been over 1 month since the last equalization, perform an equalization on the batteries.
    • Equalization voltage: 15.2V
    • Duration: 3hrs minimum
  • Open the battery caps
  • Test the specific gravity with a hydrometer. A successful equalization will result in a specific gravity >1.265 in each cell with a variance between the cells less than +/-0.015.
  • Close the battery caps.
  • Reconnect the battery pack to the circuit using the battery switch.

For further information and in-depth instructions or service kit availability please contact your American Signal Company representative or our partners at US Battery. US Battery has a wonderful website that explains the above procedure in both written and video format. Just go to USbattery.com