Any Sign. Any Road. Any Time.

Cloud Based Virtual Sensor system for Traffic Management.

Eliminates all physical hardware cost, sensor hardware management, or pre-deployment of assets.

Infinitely Flexible by using crowd sourced data.

Allows for Creation and amendments of traffic management routes online with information immediately available.

Allows for clear and accurate information to be sent to cloud to determine messaging matrix.

Traffic Engineering Pre-Planning capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Large initial project cost reduction – just pennies per route poll during active use.
  • Ability to save time in setup and active adjusting roadway management ITS/SWZ Applications – able to adjust in real time.
  • Sustainable solution – creates smarter PCMS System without sensor costs.
  • Can be used for traffic management, congestion easing, driver influencing, ITS/Smart Work Zone.
  • Worker Safety increase due to less handling of traffic assets