American Signal Company’s BroadView 2 Video Camera Trailer is a robust multi-functional necessity to complete your work zone or security application. The PTZ dome camera and communications system can monitor traffic for volume/occupancy/speed and relay data to an ITS work zone system, and provide crucial intelligence for incident management. Utilize onboard storage while also streaming your feeds.The BroadView 2 consists of any of a wide-array of camera options mounted to our T524 2-Stage Hydraulic Mast Trailer, which can provide the largest battery bank in the industry, solar charging, AC charging receptacle, and a high-load mast on a high quality heavy-duty trailer. The T524 trailer’s modular design lets you maximize your priorities, whether that be local component connectivity, equipment storage, or extra batteries for extended run times.

The BroadView 2 is suitable for any environment needing a highly portable platform with extensive design customization!