Amsig Proud to Continue Support of ITS Arizona and NRITS

American Signal Company’s Ahron Kudela and Casey Inoue attended the 2018 joint ITS Arizona and National Rural ITS Annual Conference in Fort McDowell, AZ October 21-23. The exhibition was well-organized and well-attended, and Amsig was proud to show off the latest developments in our S3C Solution! Thank you to everyone who made this another great event, and we look forward to next year!

Amsig to attend NY-ITS in Saratoga Springs

American Signal Company continues its long-standing support of NY-ITS by exhibiting at the Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs June 13-14. Please stop by to visit with Amsig’s Casey Inoue to review how our S3C Solution can assist with your ITS needs!

Amsig supports ITSPA

American Signal Company is proud to once again support ITSPA by exhibiting at the 2017 ITSPA Annual Conference in beautiful Allentown, PA! Please visit Amsig Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, Seth Johnson, in booth 9 to learn about Amsig’s S3C Solution for Smart Work Zones, Portable Queue Detection Systems, and Real Time Travel Management.

Trojan Battery Company is the latest partner of Amsig University

Amsig is proud to have hosted Vicki Hall and Ron Gay, of Trojan Battery Company, in our factory today. Vicki and Ron were the guest lecturers for the latest Amsig University class, and shared with Amsig the latest best practices for battery usage and maintenance. Trojan Battery has been an Amsig partner for many years, and their products are a big part of Amsig’s industry-best run time performance for PCMS and FAP. Please visit them at

Amsig will be updating some of our own support resources to accurately reflect battery best practices. In the meantime, please visit the Trojan Tips page to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery investment.

Amsig Supports ITS-NY!

Amsig would like to thank everyone who participated in ITS-NY’s 24th Annual Meeting in beautiful Saratoga Springs. The sessions were educational, and the attendees were exceptional. Amsig’s Casey Inoue was pleased to discuss our S3C Solution with so many parties interested in Smart Work Zones, Portable Queue Detection Systems, and Travel Time projects.

Amsig proudly welcomes ATSSA Director to the factory!

Amsig’s Scott Covington hosts ATSSA Director of New Programs, Brian Watson, at the American Signal Company factory in Atlanta today. Mr. Covington serves as the chairman for ATSSA’s Innovation Council, is a member of the Sign Committee, and is President-elect of Georgia’s ATSSA chapter.

The American Traffic Safety Services Association is the driving force behind the “advancement of roadway safety through the design, manufacture, and installation of road safety and traffic control devices.” Please visit their site to learn more about how ATSSA identifies and solves road safety issues, and supports the Toward Zero Deaths initiative.

Amsig is grateful to Mr. Watson for the time and interests he shared with us today, and we look forward to another great Georgia Chapter event tomorrow!

Hayden Pass of Sheboygan Paint Company discusses Amsig’s advantage in trailer paint application

Hayden Pass, Technical Sales Representative for Sheboygan Paint Company, was a recent guest presenter at Amsig University. Hayden provided technical expertise, general market knowledge, and re-education to Amsig personnel across many different departments, particularly in regards to the superior serviceability of automotive paint applications over powder coating applications.

When applied properly, automotive application and powder coating application provide similar chemical, UV, & water resistance. As your equipment gets used and abused on the side of the road, or even in your own yard, you will want to touch up the paint on your trailers to avoid corrosion. You can use a simple acrylic latex enamel to touch up your Amsig trailer, but your powder-coated trailer’s metal needs to be re-cured for touch-up paint to adhere properly. When it comes to ensuring you get the most out of your equipment, would you rather use a brush or a costly oven? Your Amsig advantage lies in that answer.

Please take the time to visit Sheboygan Paint Company, our valued partner in trailer paint.

Hayden Pass, Technical Sales Representative
608 Canal Street
Cedartown, GA 30125
Office: 770.748.8426
Fax: 770.749.1071

Amsig supports Florida ITS at Transpo 2016

Amsig’s John Cunningham and Casey Inoue are glad to be participating in Transpo again this year, this time in beautiful West Palm Beach! Please come by our booth to learn how our DRUP program can extend the life of your overhead DMS, and how our portable applications can help solve your work zone or temporary bottlenecks using our S3C Solution!