The T-25 Accessory Trailer from American Signal Company is capable of housing all manner of equipment that completes and enhances your work zone. The most common applications are mobile traffic sensors and surveillance.

When equipped with an appropriate traffic sensor you will monitor traffic and relay its data to a central software or work zone system. The T25 with sensor can be utilized to monitor multiple lanes of traffic for volume, occupancy and speed.  When part of your Smart Work Zone or Queue Detection System you will be alerted to altering traffic patterns and transmit the data for autonomous or user-defined adjustments for all your integrated equipment. In addition, this unit may be used as an individual traffic monitor to record data for analytical use. American Signal Company‚Äôs efficient design allows for traffic statistics to be collected in rural and urban environments in a highly portable fashion.

Installing a camera on your T25 trailer will provide you real-time or archived video/images. Our remote communications package allow for instantaneous streaming and camera control, while on-board and removable storage packages will let you review the imaging on an as-needed basis. The T25 with camera will you give you surveillance over road conditions, work zone deployment, and security for your facility and equipment.

The T25 boasts a robust battery bank, adjustable solar panels, a storage/control cabinet, and an extendable mast to achieve heights suitable for a roadside solution.