S3C Solution

S Signs – Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) for 3-line/8-character and full matrix displays. Use full size signs for DOT and highway deployments; use smaller signs for municipal and surface street applications. You can use a single sign for a simple project, or 100 signs for large-scale projects. Amsig can incorporate existing dynamic message signs or provide all of your dynamic messaging needs. All of Amsig’s PCMS are NTCIP-compliant, so you can incorporate our signs into an existing project or software.

S Sensors – Amsig works with Doppler radar, microwave radar, and WiFi/Bluetooth sensors to gather data for traffic control or research purposes. Your project sensors will be mounted in conjunction with the PCMS trailers and/or on dedicated Amsig T25 Accessory Trailers. Amsig can incorporate existing sensors into your project or provide all of your portable sensing equipment. Do you use third-party data? No problem, as networked data integrates seamlessly with Amsig’s S3C Solution.

S Software – The ITS Cloud Manager (ICM) software will control your automated dynamic messaging, provide override access to all of your signs, and collect and distribute your traffic data. Algorithms and travel time estimation models are built-in to ICM. This browser-based application means you will never have to install or maintain software on your own equipment. ICM allows for as open or restricted access as your job requires, or can be configured by Amsig so you do not have to interface with it at all. ICM is a subscription service for your devices; you can have an unlimited number of users within the program. ICM is your sign fleet manager, data server, and work zone controller all in one. ICM will work with all NTCIP-compliant signs and sensors, and we can configure your Legacy sensors to work with us, as well.

C Communications – Amsig’s S3C Solution will connect all of your equipment via cellular or radio connectivity. Amsig’s secure IP VPN powered by Verizon will provide you peace-of-mind and maintenance-free communications with no recurring costs. If you prefer to manage your own communications then we work with all of the major cellular carriers. We work with hardware that functions across all bands and distances, whether it is point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multipoint-to-multipoint.

Other components of your Amsig S3C Solution could include:

  • Website for providing real-time traffic information to constituents and motorists
  • Portable video cameras for work zone or situational surveillance
  • Portable variable speed limit signs
  • Portable speed feedback displays
  • Portable Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) for AM broadcasts